Hervey Bay and Agnes Water/1770

Hervey Bay

Our time in Hervey Bay was very chilled. When we arrived it was already quite late so we just cooked some dinner, read our books and went to bed. The next day we tanned on the beach all day, it was really handy having the campsite right on the beach front! In the evening we went for one drink at the beach bar next door (couldn’t afford more than that!).

Two beauties
Love a beanbag sunset and a glass of wine

We ate, drank and played cards with the girls but then ended up watching a movie and falling asleep by 11pm. God, we are so bloody old.

The next morning we drove up to Agnes Water/1770

Agnes Water and 1770

Okay, so Agnes Water is a weird little town – there is literally nothing there. Same with 1770. The Town of 1770 is supposed to be this old historic town where Captain Cook first landed, I don’t know if we missed something but it was pretty dead. Apparently, there were loads of nice walks but we didn’t find any.

The one highlight of stopping here was that we got to stay at Horizons Kangaroo Sanctuary! There were Kangaroos everywhere and the views over the mountains were spectacular.

Sleeping in the Kangaroo Sanctuary was so cool
Hiya Kanga

We bumped into these two Canadian guys in town and we’re pretty sure they followed us to the Sanctuary (bit weird!?). They wanted us to party but we were getting up at 6am the next day to watch the sunrise and then driving 8 hours to Airlie beach. We hid in Fran and watched a movie but that didn’t stop them trying!

The next morning the sunrise was phenomenal – the whole thing was quite surreal, watching the sun come up over rolling hills with kangaroos everywhere you looked was pretty cool. We spent the rest of the day driving up to Airlie Beach.

A picture of a sunrise never really does it justice does it?

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