Oh, hey there.

Honestly, there is not much to know ‘about’ me.

My name is Alex and I’m 24. When I started this blog in July 2018, I’d just finished a degree in biology from Edinburgh University and was thinking of working in medical/scientific communications.

Since then I’ve spent six weeks in South East Asia, then worked at a startup in London for four months. I was then lucky enough to work at NASA in Houston, Texas (where my family are currently based) for a month before jetting off to New Zealand, Australia and Bali at the start of 2019 – I ended up being out there for six months.

While I was in Cambodia I actually met my now, current boyfriend. Once I was back from Australia, we went to India for just over three weeks. In September 2019 I started a Masters in Science Communication back at Edinburgh which I’ve just completed. Once that was done, Lewis and I headed off to Colombia which has been my most recent trip.

To find out why I even bother to keep up with this travel blog, please read my first post “Really? Another Travel blog?”

I won’t lie to you, this isn’t the type of travel blog which lets you know what the top 5 restaurants down some back alley in Vietnam are. This blog will literally tell you where I’ve been and what I’ve done, but I promise you, I’m always up for new things and will report back  – “when in Rome” as they say.

Otherwise – come on in. Posts will be up whenever I get the chance, letting the masses (or realistically, just my mum), know what I’ve been up to.

I’m sure that I enjoy doing the travelling and writing this blog more than you’ll enjoy reading it! However, it does include some funny anecdotes and some handy tips so please give it a read.

Alex (aka Bradie)

Instagram: alexandrabradie

Twitter: @alexbradie

Me on the big day, the gateway to freedom! (for a year at least)